‘Bespoke Designs’ & About Me

I’ve been involved in the jewellery trade for many years now, I started repairing jewellery back in the early 1990s. I trained as an independent jeweller firstly in sales and then became a trainee goldsmith. To begin with, I was soldering jump rings then progressed onto chain and bracelet repairs and then sizing rings up and down.

After a few years of perfecting my craft, I was making finely detailed pieces of jewellery. Some of the pieces I have made can be found in my portfolio.

After a couple of years, I progressed from this business I and went into management at another company working in a busy trade jewellery workshop, still working on a jewellery bench myself. After two or three years in the workshop, the business moved to a retail unit and I worked alongside a hard working highly skilled team of about 8 craftsmen and women. My role was to oversee the busy trade workshop and run a high-end retail store selling everything from high-end GIA diamond and precious stones to minimal designer pieces created by us in-house.

We made jewellery for some very exclusive clients and celebrities along the way and had some very exclusive clients in London. I have a vast knowledge of the jewellery trade and can help you through every aspect of your purchase. Having been involved in a manufacturing level too I have a technical understanding of how things are made so can offer you the best solution when designing a piece of jewellery.

Having managed high-end retail jewellers I know what service you should expect when choosing a new and exclusive piece of jewellery.
I like to pass the savings onto the client so you will find that I can supply exclusive pieces at a very competitive price, at far greater saving than you would find in a good high-end quality jewellery store.

Specially designed wedding rings created and crafted to your specific design or request. Quality handmade and handcrafted diamond jewellery made for you without paying the designer prices.

Client confidentiality is also something I take very seriously, all discussions between us will be held in the strictest confidence throughout any consultation and during the design stages regarding your special purchase of bespoke commission.

Here’s my handmade jeweller’s bench.

Specialising in custom made jewellery for any occasion.

Each consultation is completely different when choosing and making a handmade piece of jewellery. We all have many ideas on what the perfect gift should be, however when you come to me we can work together to design something really one off and unique, see an example of some sketches I worked on with a customer, we can also offer CAD options Computer Aided Design.



Ring designed on CAD.

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If you are local to the West Sussex area I am happy to come to you in the comfort of your own home to discuss your requirements on your special purchase. However, if you prefer to have a discussion on the phone, on text, through my Facebook page, WhatsApp or via email I can accommodate those options too.

With my experience in the jewellery trade and manufacturing knowledge I can advise you on all jewellery enquiries and will help you with any questions, you might have.\

Shaped diamond set wedding ring redesigned using CAD computer-aided design.



jewellery sketches